My baby

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Boy - zackariya girl- zyra
Birth Date: 24th August 2024
Abortion Date: 19th march 2024

Found out I was pregnant 24th of December I actually felt happy my partner didn’t want but deep down I did because I was just saying let me think about it he said he was going to leave if I kept it I got to around 15 weeks and he was calling me names ugly fat saying my child would be ugly because of me he said I would be a bad mother and the child would have a bad life because of me so I listened to him because the anxiety I was trying to fight so I could keep my baby got so much worse I felt alone and isolated but now I realise I wasn’t alone now I’m empty without you and I’ll never forget the comfort you brought me seeing you on those scans took the fear away but sadly he won again made me feel so bad that I wanted you made me feel like it was wrong to have you. I brought clothes for the child I had a heartbeat teddy and now there just in a box never used I open it occasionally and just cry and no one understands the hurt or pain I feel everyone expects me to happy when how can I be I lost apart of me if anyone sees this and thinks to have a abortion over a guy don’t do it listen to your own heart because the little love you have inside you is worth it and when it’s gone you can never get that child back and now I’m heartbroken. I will always love you my little baby and I’m sorry I wish I was strong enough to have had you and give you the life you deserved I’ll never forget you