My baby bear

Author: Anonymous
Abortion Date: October 2015

With your due month approaching its hard not to think of you. Its going to be two years. And not a day goes by in which i dont think of you. We have your little brother and he is such a gift to have. But i do wonder what it would have been like if i were stronger and hadn’t went to the clinic. If i had decided to turn around what were our lives be like. We are trying our best to make it worth losing you. Sacraficing and doing everything we can to make sure your brother grows up happy and well. I miss you. It was only for 2 months but i will always be your mama. I will always remember you. I will always make sure i exhausted everything in my power to make sure it was worth the pain and suffering of losing you. I love you so much. And i hope that we will find each other again. You’ll always be my baby bear. And daddy and i will always love you and have you in our hearts. And even though he might never know about you i know you know about him.