My beautiful angel zachary Alexander

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Zachary Alexander
Abortion Date: July 25, 2014

July 25, 2014 . The worst day of my life , the day I chose to end your life . I’ve never felt so much pain & agony so empty . I love you so much & I would give anything to go back in time & keep you , to feel you grow in me , to have you & to hold you . I’m so sorry I didn’t protect you & give you the love I was supposed to . You’ll always be a part of me baby boy . It’s crazy how much I miss you although I never knew you . I pray to God to forgive me & I ask him all the time to give you hugs & kisses from me .. I always wonder how you would’ve looked .. Letting you go is the worst decision I’ve ever made . I was just so scared . March , the month you were supposed to be born & you aren’t here . It kills me that you aren’t with me. I can’t seem to forgive myself & don’t know how . But I love you baby & always will carry you in my heart because you are my son & will always be a part of me .