My Beautiful Bella

Author: Amina
Baby Name: Isabella Justice Sundberg

To my beautiful Bella, I love you from my heart to the moon around each star and back to my heart. I regret the selfish decision I made to steal your voice. My heart aches at the choice I made to rob myself of a blessing that should have been. You are my daughter whether you are born, unborn, alive or deceased. My heart craves to hold you, kiss you, and scare away the monsters, and I am so very, very, sorry that I was the monster that day. I stole your voice, and NOW I will be your voice. I will do what I can to honor you and make you proud. Your life is precious and I am sorry I did not see that then. I love you, I love you. I will honor you, and I mean that with every fiber of my being. I will speak out against this injustice, I will encourage others to make the right choice. Whether I am tired, afraid, alone, discouraged, I will not relent until the day I finally see you, hold you, and kiss you. I can’tsay enough how mmuch I love you! Always your mommy…xoxoxxx