Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Hanah
Birth Date: 1991
Abortion Date: 1990

I was seeing a man I worked with and soon fell head over in love. I was getting close to turning 21 and looking forward to living a life with him and then I found out I was pregnant. He shocked me! He wanted me to get an abortion. He set it up and basically convinced me to do it even though I knew it was wrong. My mom was such an advocate for the unborn. His mother was a deacon in the Methodist church. Little did I know he was seeing someone else in California, he traveled there for work. I was heartbroken. He married a woman who had a little girl. He gladly accepted someone’s child and threw his own away. I am now almost 52, have two beautiful boys, young men now, and still regret that decision. My heart changed and today I am against abortions period. My vote will never go towards the support of abortion. God has forgiven me and I know one day I will see my precious child, who I think is a girl, that is why I called my baby Hanah. Forever in my heart, love your mommy!