My Child

Author: Anonymous
Abortion Date: October 1980

My Child – You were my only child. Your life in my womb was so brief. But it was not without value. You brought me into a closer, deeper relationship with Jesus. A relationship that I want to share with others so that they too can be abundantly blessed in that relationship. You helped me realize how deep and wide and far is the grace and mercy of God. You helped me appreciate the value and love of “forgiveness”. You humbled me and taught me, and that I might share with others, that I have no room to judge others and that I am far from unblemished and far from good, or “better than”. And you helped me to realize that God’s way would have produced a better outcome, and that I can trust Him in what might seem like a hopeless circumstance, and that He can produce beauty from my ashes. I’m grateful of the confidence I can have that the Lord himself holds you in the palm of His magnificent hands. I cut your life short, but it was not without meaning or value. Thank you for your gifts. And sorry you didn’t have a mother that knew how to protect and care for you.