My darling Pomegranate

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Baby Pomegranate
Birth Date: September 2024
Abortion Date: 16/05/2024

Even though I only knew you were growing inside me for 2 weeks, I felt such a strange and special comfort with every kick and somersault you did at 17 weeks and growing even though I was scared when I found out I was pregnant. It is funny because for 15 weeks you existed inside of me tranquil and quiet, I could never have guessed I was carrying life, so that came as a huge shock when you did make your existence known to me. I loved you already and I felt so attached.. which makes it so much harder that I made a terrible decision which I now regret with all my heart. I thought I wasn’t ready, and we were scared to bring you into the world knowing we would struggle to financially provide for you, struggle to give you the stability you would need, and we would want to make sure we could give you the world, and unfortunately right now we could not. I can only pray for forgiveness now, and please know I will always love you and think of you my sweet baby, I wish I had pushed through and found a way, I fear this decision makes me a terrible mother/maternal being, but I promise I thought I was doing the right thing to make sure you didn’t have a hard life. Even though I chose not to find out your gender to ease my peace with our decision, I feel so strongly that you would have been a little girl, I feel it in my heart. You would have been my mini me, especially since your due date would be so close to my own birthday also. You’ll always be my baby pomegranate as that’s how big I found out you were at this stage. It’s only been one day since I lost you.. and I truly beg for your forgiveness. I am so sorry for making such a terrible choice, the hardest decision I have ever had to make. I have never regretted anything so much, but I was trying to protect you from a struggle in life. Please know I loved you so much, I will love you forever, and I will never forget you… until we meet again my little baby Pomegranate <3 x