My dear baby

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Blue
Birth Date: 28th January 2019
Abortion Date: 21st June 2018

To my baby,
I’m so sorry I didn’t keep you, I’m so sorry I let other people choose the decision for me, the truth is I was scared I thought the life I could give you wasn’t good enough it wasn’t good enough I do love you more than anything, so does your daddy it kills me everyday knowing I didn’t keep you we would off been able to find out if you was going to be a boy or a girl about this time if we done it privately, when I saw them 2 lines I was scared but the same time excited I aways wanted to be a mum i should have walked out as soon as I saw you on the screen I cried so much that day the day we let you go I still cry today, your father wanted you too so much to I just hope you forgive me baby, we set off 2 balloons off for you to know we love you I hope you got them I hope we meet you again some day I love you baby I do I feel numb I will never forget you I love you forever&aways love mummy xx