My dear sweet little girl

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Stephanie
Birth Date: February 14, 1978
Abortion Date: August 1977

My dear sweet little Stephanie. My little girl. 44 years ago my mother made me end your life in abortion. I wish I had been strong enough to stand up to her and protect you. I wish with all my heart I could go back and change that day. I was so young and a victim of her physical and mental abuse I just wasn’t strong enough. I was afraid of that woman until the day she passed away. It is as hard today as it was then. The pain and loss have never really left my heart. I know you are with my Jesus and I will see you one day but the loss of you is sometimes too great to bear. I miss you every day. You were my only child. My only sweet little gift from God. I hope and pray that you forgive me. I miss you. I love you my daughter.