My first grandbaby

Author: Jen
Abortion Date: March 13, 2015

I lost my first grandchild on March 13, 2015. I didn’t find out until 3 days later when I was looking around in my sons bedroom for nail clippers and I came across the post op information from the women’s clinic and a confirmation phone call from my ex saying my son had called and told him the day before the abortion. My son and his girlfriend have not told me and I have not told them I know. They both live under my roof and I have to look at them every day and act “normal” when inside I am grieving, grieving over the fact that they had to go through this alone, that they did not confide in me or let me help them think this through, I would have told them I love them, I’m here for them, it’s not impossible, children are a gift from God, I will help you, I will love that baby, you are not alone! To my precious grand baby, I am so sorry, my heart grieves over the fact you didn’t get to live the life God had planned out for you. I would have loved you, I would have kissed all of your little fingers and toes, I would have paraded you around and shown you off to everyone!! Your grand mom loves you little one and rest assure you are alive and well inside my heart. I’m sure in time God will bless me with other grand babies, but you sweet baby will always remain my first. I love you, I cry for you every day, I’m sorry…. Your grand mom