My Life Belongs to You

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: September 2007
Abortion Date: February 2007

I cannot remember that cold day in February when my life was changed forever. To remember it would be too painful and I am afraid that I am not capable of experiencing that level of unbearable pain. The only way that I could continue to live my life required 2 things: to feel and know that God could forgive someone who had sinned so gravely as I had and to not allow your death to have been in vain. It has become my pledge, my life’s work even, to shine the light of the Lord on the truths of abortion and to work to change hearts and minds of women who consider it to be an option. I know that there is no mortal law that will end abortion. It truly is an acceptance of the truth and a change in the way we view abortion that will bring about the end of this slaughter of millions of babies who are never given the chance to take their first breath. Not a single day goes by where you are not in my thoughts and I often am still overcome with sadness and tears, wishing that I could hold you in my arms. You would be turning 6 years old soon and every ounce of my being longs to know you and mourns the reality that I do not- at least not in this life. I know that my grandmothers, your great-grandmothers, must have been surprised to meet you and I cam certain that they are taking such great care of you until I can join you one day in heaven. I love you now and forever, my sweet angel.