My Lion Cub

Author: Shiloh
Abortion Date: May 2016

My cub,
You weren’t seen, held, touched or heard… you were invisible to many. But I see you… I feel your presence and I know you exist. My heart aches and yearns for you, I’ve cried more tears than ever before wishing you were here with me. To hold you, to hear you… to see and feel you in my arms..
I wonder what it would be like had you been in my life, I wonder if you’d look exactly like your daddy, I wonder if you were a boy or girl, I wonder where you are and if you’re watching over us…
I love you my baby! With everything in me. Every fibre, every breath, every ounce of anything I have… You took a huge part of me with you and I long to feel complete the day I have you back.
This hurt is inexplainable…
They told me it would go away, but “they” were wrong.
Forever mine, Forever yours…
I love you baby!
Love your Mummy xo