My Little Bean

Author: Anonymous
Abortion Date: 02/04/12

My baby was created from a place of pure love. God will restore you fully. He will, if you are praying for the loss for someone. or a loss yourself. We are not bound by the law or by sin, we have been freed in Jesus name. Do not fall to Satan’s ploys, I dwelt there too and I promise you.. lean on God. He will always love you, you are not being punished, you are being pushed into a new season. Amen.

I went through a ricochet of emotions and I fought with the thought of losing my child. I loved my baby, I was scared, and I was fearful. I nicknamed my baby “little bean” because that is how large it was when I found out I was pregnant. So small. Him and I fought, he was scared too. I never wanted to ever let you go, and until this day, I still love you and I still carry you in my heart. Mommy is sorry for hurting you, mommy is sorry for choosing herself over you, I fought as much as I could to keep you, and mommy will spend all eternity making it up to you. I will love you the way I couldn’t on this planet. God said to store my treasures up in Heaven, you my little bean are my greatest treasure. I have your little brother who I can’t wait for you to meet someday, and mommy and daddy love you so very much. Rest in Heaven my beautiful little bean. I won’t let God or you down.