My mason or shelby

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: Unknown
Abortion Date: 20th July 2012

9 years old you would have been. I find it hard to think that it has been this long since the worst choice in my life. I cant tell you how much i wish i could hold your little hand from birth to now. Id love to see how you grew up, what you ended up looking like. Id also love for you to meet the new lady in my life, im sure you would have loved her, she’d make a great step mom to you. I wish you were here to meet her. The hope i have to see you again is so real to me mason/shelby, i picture the day i have you back in my arms again. Till that day i need and want you to know how sorry i am, there is no making up i can do, no retribution, nowhere to remember apart from inside my heart, i promise you your name is in mind and heart all the time, i love you even tho i chose to lose you. Forgive me my boy forgive me my girl. I’ll never forget to remember you. So then my gorgeous girl or handsome boy, one more year apart is another year closer. Love you always and forever Dad. X