My One Regret

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: January 2018
Abortion Date: May 2017

I have never regretting anything. I always believed that what happens makes us into who and what we are. But the day I chose to let you go, all of that changed.

I am always thinking of you….
Of who you would look more like
Of how your face would like up when you smiled
Of how you would have made me love deeper than I ever thought I could
Of all you could have been
And of all you could have made me become

Instead I was selfish. I neglected my personal morals and desires for that of another. I turned my back on who I was and betrayed you. I let my personal desires get in the way of fate. It eats me away more and more every day. I wanted to walk out as soon as I saw the ultrasound, but I froze. I went numb. I didn’t really want to do it, but I didn’t know what else to do.