My Precious Baby Boy

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Matthew Rees
Birth Date: May 1982
Abortion Date: November 1981

My precious baby boy, my Matthew. My heart broke into a million pieces, when I took this dreadful step. Yes, I was a child-like 17 year old girl, but that shouldn’t have swayed my decision to end your life. My little love, I am so, very sorry for what I did. Over the years I have begged for your forgiveness and begged the almighty for forgiveness. I was told by a religious brother; that the almighty had forgiven my actions. I have never forgiven myself and I don’t want to; I deserve all I get. I know that the almighty welcomed you back to Heaven and this I am grateful. I love you with all my heart and soul. When it is my turn to leave this Earthly plain, I pray you will be there to greet me. Until such times, you remain in my heart. MUMMY ♥️🌹🤗XXX