My precious child

Author: My First Name
Birth Date: November 1998
Abortion Date: May 1998

My sweet love. I cannot believe I thought the only option was to abort you, to end your life. I am so sorry I did not give you the chance to live. I’m sorry I was so selfish. I’m sorry from the depths of my soul and heart and mind, and regret everyday what I did to you. I look forward to meeting you in heaven and holding you in my arms. I wish everyday I could go back in time and choose life. I’m sorry for the unbearable pain you must have experienced. It literally makes me sick to think of what you went through, of what I conceded to. I am your mother and I utterly failed to protect you which was my number one job. I love you so much and I am so very sorry. I hope you will or have already forgiven me. I hope someday I can forgive myself. You have a little brother now. He will be 3 in December. You would be 22 if you were here now. I wish my prayers and remorse were enough to change my horrid choice. I would do anything to have you here today. To see the young man you grew to be. I love you. I’m sorry I took away your future, our future together, your hopes and dreams that never had the chance to materialize. My sweet boy, what I wouldn’t do to have you here. I’m so sorry.

Love, if you can,