My Precious Gifts from God, that i sent back…

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Bryce/Paul
Birth Date: May 1990/1993
Abortion Date: October 1989/1992

My first pregnancy, I lost to miscarriage, although, I was thinking about abortion, I think the Lord took you home, so that I would not go through with it…the second pregnancy, i went through with taking my own babies life…I remember the day of conception, the day you would have been born, and i regret this every day…i didn’t learn, i had another abortion…i remember the day of your conception also…the day you would have been born…and i regret this everyday…i murdered my gifts from God…i remember the day i was walking into the clinic and a lady approached me with information, i just walked past her and said “it’s my body, i can do what i want”….oh how i wish i would have stopped and listened to this lady…if i had just stopped maybe i would have one of my gifts, but no i was so selfish and ashamed of my sinful actions of premarital/adulterous sex…little did i know at the time how i would feel years later, wondering what you three would be like, wondering if you forgive me…i know our Lord and Saviour has forgiven me, but to this day, i can not forgive myself…my precious babies, i have named each of you…i know in my heart you were to be my sons…what was i thinking, why, why, why, did i not ask for help, or even just Pray for guidance…there is no excuse…no forgiving myself…this is something i have to live with every day of my life and i hope this helps someone to change their mind and “choose life” God has Blessed many with the gift of being Mother’s, yet i chose to murder my precious babies…abortion is to good of a word for what it really is, which is “murder” of innocent and helpless precious gifts from our Lord….i have been forgiven by our Lord, as i said above, but there is no forgiveness for myself, i just hope and pray that each of my little innocent Angels will forgive me for the horrendous acts i chose on those terrible days…IF ANYONE READS THIS AND IS CONSIDERING THIS TERRIBLE CHOICE, PLEASE STOP AND REALIZE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH A GIFT FROM GOD, AND DO NOT DO WHAT I DID…YOUR LIFE WILL FOREVER BE CHANGED!!! AND NOT FOR THE GOOD….

Michael, Bryce and Paul please forgive me for not giving you the chance of life…I am forever sorry…and miss you everyday…<3 <3 <3