My Precious Hannah Gschwend

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Hannah
Birth Date: Nov 1975
Abortion Date: June 1975

My dear baby Hannah please sweet child forgive me for not allowing you to have life. It was 1975 shortly after
Roe VS Wade….. Everyone said that it was a choice I was allowed to make ….that you were just few cells. Later I saw Leonardt Neilson’s book of Life In The Womb. I have been devastated ever since that I felt I had the choice to murder you. What is even worse is that our government and legal system supports murder in the womb. In later years when people I know became pregnant I was able to pray and pray for them and talk with them. I was able to tell them my story… that God has a “perfect plan for them” and “not to rely on their own understanding”!!!
God will work it out. Please do not project and imagine a terrible future. Everyone who did not abort their baby had EVERYTHING work out beautifully. Trust in the above Promise is the key. I so regret and wish that someone had told me that and prayed for me…so that you would be 39 now, my precious Hannah. Please dear child forgive me…I will see you someday soon in Heaven. Love, Mommy