my star above

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Scarlett/James
Birth Date: october 2018
Abortion Date: february 2018

My star above,
by now you would have been in my arms. either a Scarlett or an James? who knows. your still in my heart and i still to this day don’t believe i can ever fully get over how i robbed you of a life that wasn’t mine to take. sometimes little things trigger my memories of what i went through with you and I lay awake at night crying and consumed with guilt. i’ll never know what you would have looked like or who you’d have become but i know that any child of mine would have done great things. As it turns out my mother had an abortion when she was younger than me, ‘like mother like daughter’ i guess. I don’t know your dad anymore because he wasn’t good for me or himself, however since i know he’s done well for himself as have i… You may never know any of this but you taught me a lot and helped me mature fast! i just wish there was a way of learning this lesson without the pain of it. i’ll always love you no matter how old i get and you will always have been my first child. shine brightly up there, ill always look out for you
Liv xx