My sweet baby

Author: Karen
Baby Name: Heather or Sarah/Michael if boy
Birth Date: October 1973
Abortion Date: June 1973

On April 23, 1973 I turned 18 years old. Roe vs Wade had just passed that January. In June I found out I was pregnant. Afraid of my parent’s disappointment and shame, I called my sister for help. She had just had an abortion 6 months prior. I was about to graduate high school and scheduled a job interview in Washington DC where my sister lived at the time. My high school sweetheart of 3 years and the father of our baby gave me money to pay for abortion. Once there, my sister took me to an abortion clinic. They examined me and found I was 12 weeks pregnant. They told me it was only tissue and the procedure would be painless. They offered me a Valium to calm me down. The procedure was very painful and emotional and happened very fast. I cried for days and since then I have ended up not having anymore children so I have grieved for years. I know I am forgiven by my Lord and Savior but the grieving goes on year after year. My child would be 40 years old this coming October, 2013. My high school sweetheart and I broke up month later after 3 years together where all we talked about was getting married and having 4 – 6 children. My sister grieves that she led me in that direction. She regrets her abortion too but went on to have 3 beautiful girls who have now given her 6 beautiful grandchildren. I miss a baby I never had the honor to know and raise. My high school sweetheart and father of our baby recently died of cancer and said to his wife and family as he was dying that he was going to be with his little angel. He had told me earlier on he thought it was a girl. He also never had anymore of his own children as his wife could not have any but God blessed them with an adopted son. I never had a ceremony for my child so thank you for letting me share my story and honor that beautiful baby here on this sight. I wait for the day I can hold her or him in my arms.