My sweet baby girl!

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Jessie
Abortion Date: July 1974

My sweet baby girl, your father went on to marry and had four girls, so I am confident you are a girl. I was 17 and scared. Medical staff and adults in a young girl’s life are quick to tell about the option of aborting and make it so easy to end your baby’s life and stop any feelings your baby is a person. They are adults and you believe their lies you were not a human and you were just a piece of flesh. Abortion is pure evil and it falls under the guise of Satan. Later in life I learned who God was and realized he considers life at conception. Something deep inside me always knew that. You are in his memory and you will be resurrected. I am 63 years old and the pain of what I did haunts me more today because I miss you and my grandchildren so much in my life. I still cry uncontrollably for you when I can’t sleep at night or driving in my car. There is no doubt in my mind God will put you back into my womb like he did Jesus to Mary and we will continue our lives together on a paradise earth as it should have been. I long for the day when you say, “Mom, let it go. I am here now.” Until then my precious. I love you so much, Mom