My Sweet Niece or Nephew

Author: Christina
Birth Date: June 2003
Abortion Date: January 2003

To my amazing niece or nephew…… My sister-in-law found out she was pregnant shortly before I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter Grace, she was in college and had a steady boyfriend of three years. They decided it was best for her to finish school and not have a “burden” in their words.Your were already 16 weeks old. Your uncle and I and your outher aunt and uncle all offered to take you as our own. I am so sad I never got the chance to hold you, kiss your precious face and spoil you like an aunty should be able to. You and Grace mould have been just a couple months apart. She would have been an amazing cousin or sister to you. As would had Emily her older sister. We all love you very much and look forward to meeting you in heaven. Please take care of our little Caroline (we miscarried at 16 weeks) I’m sure you are a great older cousin and friend to her. Can’t wait till we are all together in heaven!