My Sweet Pumpkin Pie

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Nonjabulo
Birth Date: 07 September 2020
Abortion Date: 25 April 2020

My sweet pumpkin pie, mommy thought of you this morning. I hope you are doing well in heaven. I miss you dearly, mommy has been trying to be strong since you left me no since I let you go.

I still remember the last words the midwife said before I signed the consent form and started with the procedure, she said: “a baby does not need money for you to be all the baby needs is your love and acceptance”. Those words linger in my ears every day since the day I had an abortion.

You were my lucky charm, remember when I was preparing for my drivers’ licence how we would drive together when mommy had to practice? You were a good girl, you always made sure to listen to the instructor and I would feel you kick :). When I passed my driving licence test I still felt your kick…

I feel lonely and you know what I have to write an exam in the next 3 hours but I do not have the strength to prepare for it, I have decided that I will miss the test today.

May your soul find peace and forever live on till we meet again. And I pray that I may find the courage to face the world again, to rebuild my lost confidence and self-esteem.

I will love you forever my sweetheart.