My Third Baby

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Cheyenne
Birth Date: September 7, 2021
Abortion Date: March, 2, 2021

Married with two beautiful girls, and it was three years after my second child was born when we were pregnant again. The pregnancy was unplanned but not unwanted, but the pregnancy came during the craziness of the pandemic. I was unemployed and taking care of my girls at home, my husband was barely working with fluctuating hours, and our money was tight.
How abortion became a topic is something I will never understand, but it happened. Abortion felt like a way out for us, a way to get rid of the worry and a way to better support our daughters.
I made that appointment, and all I could do was cry. My husband supported having an abortion, and I felt like it was the right choice, and that was what we did.
I had that abortion, and I knew when it was over that I destroyed my family.
My baby should be 7 months old now, but I destroyed it.
I hope that my Lord Jesus forgives me and my husband for the choice we made.