My tiny little Angel

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Nor Aleesa
Birth Date: March 2020
Abortion Date: July 2019

Hi Love, 103 days have passed since we have been apart from each other. You must be happy playing in heaven right now. Mama misses you so bad. I hope I can hug and kiss you to show how much I love you. I want to have a life with you, but this world is so mean. People said I can’t have you. I wish they know how hurt I am when I need to let you go, when I know you are so strong to stay in my womb to be born and give me a love that your father is unable to give to me. I am sorry love. Will you wait me there? Wait for Mama okay. Mama will come to you soon. Till then, be a good girl okay. I promise we will play bubbles together and I will never let you go again. I love you. ❤