My unborn

Author: Anonymous
Abortion Date: 2013

Its been 3 years since I made the most biggest decision in my life.
My decision was hard and sad and NOBODYS bussiness, I dont feel the need to justify what I did or why I did it. I owe noone an explanation, in my head I felt that I wasnt ready. I wouldn be enough for you. , I couldnt live up to the expectations and to be honest, my relationship with your father was toxic and a horrible enviornment to bring a innocent baby into.
Everyday I miss you. Everyday I wonder if you would have playd with your brother and sister on hot summer afternoons. Everyday that goes by I cant stop thinking about the empty feeling after you were gone.
The worst part is, I dont even know you. Were you a girl or a boy? Did you have dimples or birthmarks? Did you love me?
Im sorry