I have never forgotten you

Author: Anonymous

As I sit this morning….I am grateful to have both my daughters unwed and choosing life. Years ago after being married to their father, I became ecstatic…their father was not. After his pleading to “give just us a chance”, I consented to an abortion…..I spent a weekend with you on the coast….and submitted myself to the procedure……I weeped internally and after the procedure I had bruises on my arms as they had to hold me down as I fought them during the procedure while unconscious……I as so proud of my both daughters chosing life. And have never forgotten you. Through a miscarriage after your conception, you are not alone….and have another sibling as I miscarried when I was 16. When people ask how many children say I have two, but I really four of them….two of them angels. I love you and look forward to the day that I can see you and tell you I love you. God has forgiven me….but I live with the yearning of wanting to hold you in my arms.It’s the “cross I must bear”…..but when I hold my first grandchildren, I will think of you…..Mommie