Never Forgotten

Author: Andrea
Baby Name: Mercy
Birth Date: July 2001
Abortion Date: Febuary 2001

Febuary 7th 2001
It was 3 days after my 17th birthday.My mother made a appointment to take me to a abotion clinic and I was so scared and felt so guilty for disappointing my mom. She was so upset with me and said; How can you do this to me, I can barely support you and your sister.. I cried and cried and said; Mom Im so sorry. I should have taken care of myself… She asked me who was the father ( I lied and told her I didnt know) He was a neighbor who was 26 years old at that time and I was under age and I didn’t want to get him into trouble so I carried all that on myself. She told me what was I going to do? I told her I would put you up for adoption. She said once I held you I would never want to give you up… So she told me we would go to an abortion clinic. I knew and she knew it was wrong. I should have put my trust In God and his provision to get us through, but I failed you and listened to my mom and to my fears… I don’t want your death to be in vain so I want to share my story to let others know that they have the choice to make the right decision and NOT abort their baby and to put faith and trust In Jesus Christ who will provide every need. Also I would like to encourage those who have had an abortion that in Jesus Christ there is forgiveness of sin they don’t have to carry that shame any longer because Christ carried it for us on that cross……
Im sorry my baby that I didn’t protect you, I should have ran out of that place and never looked back. I’m so sorry for my selfish and unloving choice to choose everything thing and everyone but you. I had so much guilt because I was committing fornication with a man who was already in a relationship and even though that was a horrible choice on my part to have relations with that man, I should have kept you… your life was NEVER a mistake… My baby, I know without a doubt that I have been forgiven by God and I soooo yearn for the day to see you and embrace you in our Father’s house.

Im always thinking of you, Love your momma