Never forgotten

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Malia Victoria
Birth Date: June 1974
Abortion Date: September 1973

Please forgive us beautiful child. You would be 43 years old and I regret our decision so deeply. Your daddy had a dream of you and you were on a stage smiling at him. He said “she was beautiful like her mom, and had my (dad) sense of humor” Your Dad would like to name you Malia, I would like to name you Victoria, and I struggle with thinking I have a right to name you at all. Malia Victoria, I love you so sweetheart, and my heart breaks and longs to hold you and tell you how truly special and unique you are. I believed the lie, as an ignorant teenager back in 1973, when the world told me that you were only a piece of tissue. I weep for the loss of having a relationship with you here on earth, and the joy and gift the world lost that was you. In Jesus ….we will meet.