Never named

Author: Bjorn
Baby Name: undecided
Birth Date: unkown
Abortion Date: unkown

I didn’t know. One day, a woman walks up to you, and tells you, ‘I had an abortion.’ She doesn’t say, ‘I’m pregnant, what now?’ she didn’t even give me or our child a chance. She just said, “I had an abortion.” .. I couldn’t protect my children. I didn’t know I had to protect a child I didn’t know about from its own mother. I couldn’t protect my children. And I will never be able to. I think about it every day. I’m a childless father of two. And there’s nothing, i cant go back, i cant fix it, i didn’t even know. I couldn’t protect my children. I love them still, so much. Those nameless neverborns of mine that I can’t ever see or hear. I don’t know what to say or who to blame. Is it her fault? the systems? a political party’s fault? Does it even matter? I’ll never see my children. ever. I feel them. but i’ll never touch them or know what color their eyes would have been, or hear their voices giggling in play. every day i love you, and every day im ashamed. I couldn’t protect my children.