Never Once I Forgot About You

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: 03 August 2019
Abortion Date: 02 Feb 2019

Hi, sweetie.

I saw you for the first time at a planned parenthood, and I wished I didn’t follow through that day.

I miss you, and I have so much support you’ll come back as our rainbow baby..I can’t sleep tonight. I thought that if I stay up a little longer I’ll feel you growing in my belly again, maybe I’ll think of you so hard and longingly to existence, but that’s not how it works.

Dad misses you. I miss you. I love you and I’m sorry if what I did proved otherwise.

I want to scream out loud to heaven to let you know you’re not forgotten.

The truth to me that there was never an “optimal time” for you to exist….I should have learned that any time was the right time; and that there is no next time.

I love you, little baby. Come back to us soon.