To the one I miss dearly.

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Owen Michael
Birth Date: November 2016
Abortion Date: April 2016

I regret what I did to you. I was ready for you but daddy wasnt, because your big brother was only 6 months old and me and your daddy are a team and I didn’t want to force him to have another baby. We dont have a lot of money either and so I made a mistake. I took that pill, and the next day when I had to take the others, I can’t even remember the whole night. I cried and cried until i fell asleep, by the time I woke up I’m sure most of you was gone and it hurt so bad. I want you to know I’m never going to forget you and every night it kills me because of how much I miss you. I’ve named you Owen Michael and I plan on doing something special for you. But nothing will ever bring you back and I don’t know how to go on. I love you Owen.