Our Son

Author: Barry

To Our Son,

It’s been about 43 years. Your mommy and I reconnected and we named you, Andrew. She loved that name and, I believe, it was her father’s name. You have 4 half-sisters and I know you would have been an awesome big brother and I know they would have loved having a big brother.
Son, I cannot even to begin to justify what we did to you. I am your father, and instead of being a man and taking on the responsibility of raising you, I convinced your mommy to do what we did. Your mommy is such a beautiful woman and she, we, both love you so much. I take full responsibility for what we did.
I know you are in the care and arms of angels in heaven. I know God has forgiven us for what we did so long ago. I know you have forgiven us. Your mommy and I have forgiven each other. We just didn’t think the whole thing through, I am so very sorry.
Your mommy is such a lovely person, and she deserved to be able to hold you and love you the way a mother should. I take full responsibility for what we did.
I am your father, and I should have protected you. I am so sorry!! I completely failed you. I hope you can forgive me for not doing so.
I do know, one day, all three of us will be reunited in heaven. I can’t wait to see you, our son.
Andrew, we, your mommy and I, love and miss you dearly.
We love you, our son.