Please Forgive Me

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Robert Lee Smith Jr
Birth Date: September 1979
Abortion Date: March 3, 1979

Please Forgive me for allowing your death you would have been 40 in March this year 2019.. I was 16 and had been married for 3 years at that time but not to your father my husband Ray C Day paid Dr Glidden $400.00 to knock me out with meds and kill you in my third month I woke up screeming in pain while you were being taken from me…just because my husband did not want to raise another man’s child…I was young stupid and was told I had not a choice ..I have suffered with your lose all these years and will take that lose to my grave..I was told when your first sister was born that you were a boy …in that case your name would have been Robert Lee Smith Jr. You have two sisters who will also never know you… I love you my son