Please forgive me.

Author: Debra
Baby Name: None
Birth Date: 9/1971
Abortion Date: 2/1971

I just turned 16 & knew I was pregnant. Minors could not get birth control pills without parental permission. I had been sexually active with my first boyfriend. My single Father found a note I wrote stating I was pregnant. My Father made arrangements overnight. Everything went so fast, I didn’t even think about the morality of abortion. After the fact, I felt so guilty & still do at age 59. I got pregnant again 2 years later. This time we got married. Each pregnancy after that, I was so sure something would be wrong with my baby because of my sin. God is merciful. My daughters were brought up that abortion is never an option. One daughter knew that her baby was going to be born with problems, but she never even considered abortion. I now have a beautiful granddaughter. I know one day I will be with my child. If I could change anything in my life, it would have stood up to my Father & said “NO”.