Please pray for your Momma

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Joachim
Birth Date: 1974

Words can never express my regret of loosing you my child to abortion. Please pray for your Momma she was a confused nineteen year old girl. If you were here today you would be my second eldest son of forty years old. I love you Joachim my heart always long to hold you. Years after you went to heaven, I was in the chapel alone praying in a Catholic church. I was holding a picture of a fetus in the Blessed Mother’s hand. I pointed the picture towards Jesus in the tabernacle with deep reparation in my heart, and sorrow. Immediately I smelled the sent of roses, I knew our Blessed Mother was say;”I have him in heaven with me and I am taking care of him”. I am comforted to know that I am forgiven and will one day see you in heaven my son. I love you, Momma.