To My Precious Follower of Christ, People’s Victory

Author: Donna
Baby Name: Christian Nicole
Birth Date: September 1976
Abortion Date: June 1976

My Precious Little Girl & Boy in Heaven Christian Nicole  & Richard David.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about that day everything happened, it was such a nightmare for me.  Christian Nicole you would have been my first born daughter and in fact the only daughter I was to ever have. To think about this is so heart wrenching. I was 16 years old and the choice was made for me to have an abortion and I didn’t know how to fight it. I had been raped, but that didn’t change the fact that you deserved so much to live as any other child. Seeing the image of your helpless tiny little body in a jar was just unbearable to me that I stopped living inside and became numb to anyone around me. The nightmare of my life began that day. And I just wanted to die with you. I didn’t deserve to live! I can not say I am sorry enough for all the hurt & pain I caused you during that time. My life went into a downward spiral, I lived a promiscuous lifestyle not caring about myself or anyone else. I ended up getting pregnant with you Richard David, Oh I had no idea you were a boy until I went through a Post-Abortion Counseling course called “Forgiven & Set Free. At that time I was grieving the death of my sister and just went through the course quickly and at the end we had a small memorial and ask the Lord what to name our babies. The Lord showed me I had a little girl first and He gave me the name “Christian Nicole” and He gave me “Richard David for my little boy.  After that I would bury everything for the next 19 years until one day the Lord started dealing with me about talking to the your father Richard David. God was so gracious to bring healing to his life. He  is married now to a beautiful woman of God.  I am now so thankful to my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ for bringing me to a place of healing and forgiveness. And allowing me to have been translated to heaven and seeing you and your little brother and knowing that you two forgive me and love me and that I will see you again, gives me so much joy!!!! I have a memorial candle set up for you both Christian Nicole & Richard David in my bedroom along with a picture of your younger brother Matthew who is 28 right now and has a beautiful family of his own. I have talked to him about you and your brother. He loves you both dearly! I Know you both are so happy with Jesus. And I know that you got to meet your grandparents and your Aunt Sherry who was probably overjoyed to meet you. I love you so much and know one day I will see and hold you in my arms. Love always & forever your mothersympathy051