precious angel stiffler-arlett 2

Author: Danielle
Baby Name: diego
Birth Date: 02/03/03
Abortion Date: 08/06/02

Pregnant again I was sooo happy, yet to be told by the ‘man’ I thought loved me. I was homeless, didnt know resources available, threatened by man to abort or he’ll leave. No friends or family.

I was told to not speak about my issues cuz he doesnt care or want to hear it! I felt like nothing, I was alone. I was empty-i thought no one cared about me. I wanted this beautiful gift soo badly planned parenthood didnt help in resources to help a young girl make a safe decision or help an emotionally,physically abused girl.

I almost jumped off bridge because of, this man and my choices. I was empty but full of guilt n shame 🙁 depresses, low self esteem-why does this ‘man’ who claims to love me ask me to destroy my gift, my body,mind and heart? Am I not deserving of a loving man, to have a baby. Am I nothing! Told to shut up bout my feelings. No where to turn. Crying/screaming out n no one hears me. I walked this path of greif, sorrow, confusion, pain…..a deep spiritual wound… I think about what you look like, how old. Devastated-each morning woke up and then-flashbacks haunted me n still do!

Please forgive me lil one u were a gift I wasnt strong enough to stand for self/you.