Precious baby

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Justin
Birth Date: September 1980
Abortion Date: February 1980

You would be 36 now and I might even have grandchildren. I thought you were a boy and I always thought of you as Justin, though I don’t know for sure. I was 20 and not 100% sure who your father was. Still living with my parents and scared to tell them. Planned Parenthood said “it’s not a baby, it’s only a glob of cells.” They made it sound like such a good and easy option. How I wish someone had showed me a picture of an eight week fetus or told me that you had a heartbeat. I hope I would have made the right decision. I knew shortly afterward what a horrible mistake I had made, and have never gotten over it. I never had more children -you were my only child. I am so sorry I killed you. You are in Heaven with Jesus, and I know I will see you again, as God, in his grace, forgives the greatest sins of those who repent. I try to forgive myself, but it is still so hard because I long for you to be in my life. It never gets easier, but hurts more as I get older. I know your grandparents are with you in Heaven now. I never told them while they were alive, but I know they love you now, and we will all be together some day. I love you. I am not worthy to sign my name “Mommy.”