To my precious child

Author: Mike
Baby Name: my precious
Abortion Date: 1994

I want you to know that I am so sorry for what I allowed to have done to you. I was suppose to protect you and keep you safe. But my selfishness and weakness overcame me.
I am and will always forever be with you my love. God is so good to forgive me and I hope you will forgive me for taking life from you. Your mama is good but was so mixed up and confused, please forgive her too. Her name is Sherry and she if could do over with me would bring you back in a second to love all the days of our lives.
But we can’t so with all of my being I will love you the rest of my days and await to see you in heaven with my Lord and savior Jesus CHrist.
Please forgive me for taking your life and robbing you of all that God intended for you to be.
I love you my precious little baby my unborn child and gift from God. Your name is will always be “my precious”
I love you forever