Precious First Grandchild

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: First grandchild
Birth Date: June 2005
Abortion Date: October 2004

My dear first grandchild, how I have wished a thousand times that your “pappy” and I had made the right decision that dreadful day. We were shocked and scared, to say the least, at finding out about your existence inside our 17 year old little girl. We did not know your daddy at that time, but have since come to know and love him greatly as our son-in-law, and the father of your little brother and sister. My / our hearts have been so broken that there are no words to adequately describe the grief experienced by that fateful decision over 12 hears ago to abort you from our daughters body and end your existence and life as it should have occurred in this world. It did something to us all that day (I now regretfully know) that can never be reversed. So what, if people talked? So what, if our daughter wasn’t allowed to continue her senior year and graduate with the people she’d gone to school with since K-4? So what, if we were worried what the rest of the family thought?
I have loved you and thought about you thousands upon thousands of times over the years. I have grieved for you, I have cried over you, I have begged God to forgive me of this great sin I never thought I was capable of committing. He has forgiven me – this I know – but I will carry this greatest regret of my life in my heart forever! I Love You and I have missed you so very much! Love, Your Grammy