Ray Montalvo Deubel

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Ray Montalvo Deubel

Dearest Ray,

I’m sorry you came to be under selfish circumstances, but I was cheated when your father tried to drag me in a situation I wasn’t ready to be a part of and when he thought of you as a sort of anchor baby, I had to stop it very quickly. At the time, I was trying to spare you from a gloomy and uncertain future. I thought you wouldn’t have had the best life. I understand now, you had options and I cut you off too soon to know. I’ve forgiven your father for what he did (he is no longer living) and I’ve forgiven myself for the poor decisions that were fixed at the cost of your potential life. Know that you are not a waste. I picture you engulfed in light, perhaps in a new body already back on earth and with a new chance at life. God bless you wherever you are and please bless me, wish me well. I set you free from any grievance we may have and may God cover you and bless you in love and light. Amen.