Regret is real

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Tyler
Abortion Date: 1st October 2004

For 20 years I have lived with pain & regret of my decision, having just turned 17 and finding out I was pregnant with you was the most scariest thing I’ve ever felt. Not because I didn’t want you because I knew the moment I found out I wanted you more than you could imagine! But I knew my parents would never allow me to have a child at 17, their image was too important to them and I would not be allowed to shame them like that. I knew instantly I’d be forced into having an abortion, so I did what I could and made the decision to do it in secret. It gave me a bit more time to have you inside me , it gave me the chance to keep you to myself where your memory would only be mine & your dads , my parents would never tarnish you as a mistake. You were never a mistake and gosh you were wanted by me and you dad so much ! The pain and tears I still carry 20 years on never stops and I deserve that pain for what I did , I wish I was stronger back then and made a way to keep you. You would’ve been the best big brother ever , your siblings that I have now will know you when they are older , your never be forgotten or lost to me! I can’t wait to hold you in my arms when my time comes ! I’ll never let you , have and always will love you my sweet boy! I’m sorry