River M. Cuff

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: River M. Cuff

Dearest River,

Words cannot express how sorry I am for the foolish and selfish circumstances in which you were involved in. Your dad and I were immature and stupid. He wouldn’t even accept the accident or assume you were his. We weren’t ready. I think at some point, he might’ve come around to apologize after the fact but it’s been so long ago that I only remember vaguely how things played out. By now he’s got to know who you are as he is no longer living. I’d like to think that you two encountered each other in the afterlife. He shows up in my dreams sometimes. Maybe he is wanting to mend something. I saw him in a dream once and asked him to forgive me for the things I did wrong. he didn’t say a word, only gestured as if there was nothing to apologize for. That’s how I knew he accepted my apology. I hope you have forgiven us too for our ignorance. I had to end it very quickly. I didn’t want to bring you to a life of unpreparedness and ultimate suffering. I wasn’t thinking then there were options so I operated in fear. I want you to know that you are a very special soul and I can only hope that you are back on the path to reach eternal love. Wherever you are please look after me until we meet again and forgive me again for cutting your choices on earth short. Be a beacon to your dad, I do believe he might be needing light on the other side. I pray for you to ask for the light and for both to transcend. God bless you both wherever you are. I set you all free from any attachment and grief and pray for an otherworldly love. God’s love upon you.