Sand castles in the clouds

Author: Ashely
Baby Name: Baby Richardson
Birth Date: 1977
Abortion Date: 1976

I dream of you often…running, playing and building sand castles with you, all the things I would have done had your life not been taken from us. I often invision this scene : you sliding off of our Heavenly Father’s lap, running towards our dad at the moment he entered the heavens, leaping into his arms, you both embracing each other for the first time. What a beautiful moment that must have been! December 2011 on Christmas eve is when he left this life to enter yours…how dare I shed one tear in his absence. For I had 33 years with him on earth, you had none. Enjoy him sweet sibling…and know you have a sister thinking of you every single day, waiting to be called up to be with you both. And I promise when that time comes, I will run and play and build sand castles with you, for the rest of eternity. Until then…much love.

Your little sister,