I was scared

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: October
Abortion Date: March 1993

I had your sister shortly after I turned 18. I was married to a possessive, manipulative drug addict/alcoholic who did very little to help with raising a child. He didn’t work or take care of the house and I had to do it all. I became pregnant with you when your sister was 8 months old. The enormity of raising two babies in our home situation was overwhelming. For three months I debated on what I should do. I was young and scared. When I had my abortion, I didn’t think about it as killing a baby. I thought about it as a decision that made my life easier. It wasn’t until years later that I actually saw pictures of aborted fetuses and realized the magnitude of what I had done. I had taken your life. The guilt and shame I feel are horrible. I will never know if you were a boy or a girl. I will never know what type of person you should have grown up to be. I am very sorry that I decided to end your life. I wish I could change what I did. I hope that you forgive me.