She was selfish, and he was afraid…I’m sorry.

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: April-May 2008
Abortion Date: Sept 2007

Dear Baby,

It wasn’t until recently I learned of your short life. Your parents kept you a secret from everyone for 11 years, until your daddy (who I am now married to) broke down and told me of you one night. I am so sad for you and him. He is sad inside. He thinks of you all the time, and I want you to know he wanted you, but he was afraid to tell your mom, and she couldn’t set her already planned life aside. See, your mommy did not love your daddy, or intend to create you with him. So, when she found out she’d, already decided what she would do. She did not want you in her way. Your daddy wanted you to have a chance, but could not speak up because your mom was mad, and very angry with him. So he went along with her, and your life was ended. I’m so sorry, and I know he is sorry too. He is so sorry that he didn’t protect you. He blames himself. He’s sorry he didn’t speak up for you. He tells me how awful he is, and how he deserves nothing for the evil, selfish thing he allowed to happen to you. I am sorry too, I want you to know, your life was not for nothing, because of you, you taught your daddy to be strong, and your daddy is a great daddy today. Oh how I would’ve loved for you to be a part of our family, even if it may have changed what I and your daddy share now. I am so sad we didn’t get the chance and that you’re not here with your two beautiful sisters. Please know I love you though we’ve never met, I love your daddy too, and I pray for both of you. Love, si