A sibling lost

Author: Anonymous

My dearest sibling, though I never got to meet you, know that I love you with all my heart. Our mother was very young (17 when she had me) so you can only imagine what kind of of fear she experienced when she found out she was pregnant before I came into her life.

Though mom doesn’t talk about it I know she regrets taking your life sweet angel. When I was a teenager mom told me about you, at that time I had already made up my mind about abortion and had vowed to never do that to my child so it broke my heart when she told me. All I could think was why did she keep me and not my older brother or sister?

As years passed I grew to understand that the pain and regret my mom went through after is what had saved my life. As years went on I had two miscarriages, those lost babies still haunt me to this day and the only comfort I can find in not having them with me today is that they are up in heaven with you. Thank you for taking care of my sweet babies, I know in my heart they love you deeply. I now have a daughter, she was born this year. Her name is Jailynn and I wish you where here to meet her.

Every time I hold her I think of you and the babies I lost but I am also thankful to have her. When she is older I will tell her about you and her siblings that my womb refused to hold. I pray that she never has to go through what our mom went through when she took your life or what I went through when I lost the babies that I love so much.

RIP sweet angels, I look forward to the day I get to meet you all.