My Sibling

Author: Anonymous


First, I love you. Know that, first of all. I am your brother. Second, there are three of us, yet I am the only one who has seen the outside of the womb. Your other sibling was a miscarriage. I am the youngest of us all, yet the only one to be born.

Our mother made a terrible mistake, and while I would never agree with it, I can at least understand it. Please do not blame her. She was only a teenager, and there was pressure from all sides to do what she did. She felt trapped and alone. It does not excuse what she did, but I would beg your forgiveness on her behalf.

You are beyond this world now, and I pray in the arms of Jesus. I don’t know if you are, because the Bible is unclear what your fate shall be, though there is hope enough to believe you are with Jesus in paradise. I hope so. I truly do.

Know that it was not a lack of love, or anyone’s desire that you not see life on this world. I would have loved to have you as an older sibling. You’d be something like 36 years old now, had you lived.

I don’t know what else to say. I love you, I always will. I hope we meet again soon.